Simpsons API

tl;dr click here to go to a good episode on Disney+

This is a minimal Simpsons JSON and redirect API based on the dataset over here. It redirects you to the episode on Disney+, or serves up some basic episode JSON about episodes (if you set the right headers).

A login to Disney+ is necessary, but they give you a free preview, so hey.

I made this because there are some outstanding Simpsons episodes and some very bad ones. This lets you click the "Show me a random episode" button without fear that you're going to have to accidentally wind up on All Singing, All Dancing.

Some endpoints of interest:

If you want to complain that I marked your favorite episode as bad, please make a pull request or open an issue.

(Sorry about the api outage for a little while in July, this is a node app and those sometimes get mad if you don't update em for awhile.)

Made by Colin 2019.